Starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur is not as challenging as societies envisioned though it may not be clear at first however, with the right mind-set, you are set to take the world with your creativity.


But there is a myth surrounding the small business that we need to address.

5 Myths about becoming an Entrepreneur

1. You must have a lot of money to start your business

As much as money is important for business, having a lot of money is not the prerequisite for starting a business. In fact, all you need to become an entrepreneur is having the right mindset and a business idea and you are right on your business. There are businesses that you can start without investing little or no money.

2. You must have a solid business plan

A business plan is vital for a business but that ought not to prevent you from starting your business. My opinion is, start your business and keep it drifting and with time, you can develop a business plan because by then you have tested the viability of your business before investing money into it.

3. You must be perfect in your chosen business

Will you believe that most business owners have no clue about what precisely to do when becoming an entrepreneur? People with a business idea make research and start from there while others either refine an existing business idea to meet a particular need or modify it to solve a new or overlooked problem

4. You must have experience before becoming an entrepreneur

While that is true, it is not an obligation for you to have experience before starting a business. You can however conduct research, ask questions and study the business idea and also starting and running a business is also an experience that way you learn from the mistakes you make

5. You shouldn’t start a business while working fulltime

The best time to start your business is while working full-time (except it is a business that requires your presence constantly and of which there are tactics to deal with such). working full-time while starting your business will help you in testing the market you are about to enter to know if it is viable or not but once your business is booming, then you are required to focus on it full time

Generally starting a business means you are ready to take the risk involved and with the right mindset, the sky is your starting point

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