Not attracting traffic? Find below the reasons why your website is not getting enough traffic.

Building a website for your business is really important because it adds authority and also has the tendency to position you as an expert in your industry if you are strategic about it.

Attracting traffic to your website requires additional work on your side as you have to be intentional about it. There are trillions of contents online fighting for the same position you want to be ranked for and as such, google developed a strategy/ ranking factor that the bot uses when considering ranking a website.

Some of those ranking factors are:

  • Backlinks
  • HTML tags
  • User behavior
  • Structured data
  • Local listing
  • Mobile optimization
  • Site speed
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Keywords
  • Etc.

According to backlinko, Google considers over 200+ factors in other to rank a website. which means not considering any of those factors implies that your website will not be seen by visitors organically.

Though for a website to get organic traffic, you must first consider the above factors however there are 6 other reasons why your website may not be getting traffic and which is something you have to start working on immediately.

5 Reasons why you are not attracting traffic

  1. Your Website may be down
  2. Your website is not optimized for ranking
  3. Googlebot is not crawling or indexing your website
  4. Your website has no content or low-quality content
  5. You are not strategically promoting your website

Lets look at them one after the other;

1. Your website may be down

non responsive site

When a website is done, it will be difficult for such a site to attract traffic because when a site visitor visits the site, the site may appear unresponsive or broken and that’s will be a negative experience for that site visitor.

You need to monitor your site to know when it’s unresponsive or broken. Jetpack plugin has a free feature that monitors your website any time the website is down or unresponsive. The plugin once setup notifies you about your unresponsive website and also when the website is restored, it will also notify you.

Sometimes your website will be broken but you wouldn’t realize it until someone points that out to you. The best way to check for a broken link on your website is to use a tool called brokenlinkchecker to check all the pages on your website. Once a broken link is dictated, you must fix it immediately.

You can also use a chrome incognito window browser to look at how visitors view your site and if there is any broken link or page, you will be able to see it.

With chrome incognito, chrome wont save the following information:

  • Your browsing history
  • Cookies and site data
  • Information entered in forms

This means you will see your website as seem by visitors.

2. Your website is not optimized for ranking

seo optimize

Another reason why you are not getting traffic to your website could be that your site is not optimized for google ranking.

When it comes to ranking by google, there are 3 types of optimization and they are:

  • Onpage Seo
  • Off-page Seo
  • Technical Seo

On-page SEO is the type of optimization you perform on your website using SEO plugins such as Yoast, rankmath, etc. Off-page SEO is the type you acquire from external sources such as PR, backlinks, etc.

Technical SEO means making sure that the technical part of your site is in a healthy condition. Things like the site structure, sitemap, markup, etc.

Optimization is the best way to get organic traffic to your website but still the most difficult to set up except your use the service of an SEO expert.

3. Googlebot is not crawling or indexing your website

Even though you have optimized your website for ranking, if you don’t tell google bot to crawl the site and index it, you still won’t be getting traffic to your website.

Tools like google search console are used to tell google what part of the page google should crawl and index. This means that after you have optimized your website, you have to submit your sitemap to the google search console thus informing Googlebot to crawl the website.

From the search console, you will be able to see which page google crawl, the traffics and clicks your site is getting and if there is an error with your SEO, the search console will notify you

4. Your website has no content or low-quality content

low quality content

When your site has low-quality content or no content at all, it will be difficult to rank or attracting traffic, even though you have optimized your site and submit it to google for ranking.

Googlebot tends to push websites with quality content above the others because quality content helps Googlebot and end-users to understand what the website is all about.

This is why it is advisable for websites to have a blog section when they can share more info about their products or service. Informative content that google can easily rank and users would love to read.

5. You are not strategically promoting your website

promote social media

Attracting traffic requires that you deliberately promote your website in different ways or different platforms. You can promote your site through setting up a local listing for your website, run a paid ads to a targeted audience, share on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc and lastly, you can use email marketing to share contents from your blogpost.

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