One of the major problems small businesses face aside from accessing capital is how to get clients/customers for their business especially online and that can happen when they understand their traffic temperature.

You see, selling online is a lot different from traditional selling (offline) because in this case, your customers don’t know you in person therefore, selling to them will be a little bit difficult.

This is why the first thing to do if you want to start getting and retaining clients/customers that will eventually become your raving fans is to understand how traffic temperature will help you build a lasting relationship with them.

For you to market your product and services well online, you must understand who you are talking to (target market) and at what stage of the relationship you are with them.

You see, trying to sell a product or service online to strangers who don’t know you or your brand is a wrong strategy to marketing online.  Just like you won’t buy a product or services online from someone you don’t know or trust.

To emphasize even more, would you ask someone you just met to marry you? Of course not. You will definitely want to go out for a date first, get to know each other before proposing marriage.

So why then do businesses do that online, trying to sell to strangers and consequently blame circumstance when they are not converting leads or join those who believe that profiting from online sales is impossible and a waste of time and resources.

Marketing online entails building a consistent relationship with your target market using blog post and when trust is built, you can offer them your product or services,

By then you would not have any problem selling to them because they have trusted you and your brand and they are likely to tell other people about your brand thus becoming raving fans.

There are 3 types of Traffic Temperature (Audience) and they are cold warm and hot temperature

  1. Cold Traffic Temperature
  2. Warm Traffic Temperature
  3. Hot Traffic Temperature

Let’s look at the different types of traffic temperatures….


Cold traffic temperature is people who have not heard about your business before. They don’t know you exist or you have a solution to their problem.

Trying to sell to them will be difficult because they don’t know or will be able to trust that your solution will be good for them.

In this case, you have to create a lot of awareness around your products i.e you have to indoctrinate them by posting quality content or services that educate, inform, inspire. Something that offers quick help or solution to your potential customers.

Your goal here is to get them to visit your website, to learn about your brand, follow your page, like your page, opt-in to your lead magnet, download your freebies, etc.

Goals for Cold Traffic

  • Indoctrination: Share quality content for free to build trust and credibility
  • Pixels: You pixel them when they visit your site to read your content,, you can retarget them with Facebook ads
  • Segmentation: If you offer different products or services, you can create an email list and segment your audience based on what products or services that interest them, that way you can send them relevant contents or ads

Offers for Cold Traffic

  • Educational contents
  • Video contents
  • How-to videos/blog
  • Tutorial
  • Branded video
  • Social media update
  • Infographics
  • A lead magnet (checklist)

Examples of contents for cold Traffic

 cold traffic

This is a good example of ads to the cold audience (get more likes) from the Tony Elumelu Foundation

Another ad for Cold traffic…

cold traffic

Here Marina De Giovanni is driving cold traffic to her blogpost.

Ads Campaign

You will run a paid traffic campaign that will target your market to opt-in to your lead magnet, like your page, follow your page, visit your website, and such ads campaign is:

  • Brand awareness (increase awareness by reaching people who are likely to buy from you)
  • Reach (reach the maximum number of people)
  • Traffic (send more people to a destination e.g website)
  • Lead generation (capture emails and leads for remarketing)


Warm traffic temperature is people who are aware of your business, your products, or services. They have taken interest in a way to engage with your business but they are not convinced or sure they want to do business with you.

These people are those who have followed your page, liked your page, visit your website, and have been pixeled or opt-in to your offer. You must move them to convert with relevant offers.

Your goal here is to generate leads and get them to engage with your brand by posting content that triggers engagement with a Call To Action.

Offers to Warm Traffic

  • Webinar (free or paid)
  • Branded video
  • Quizzes & Survey
  • Product demo
  • Free trial
  • Lead magnet
  • Content video
  • Social proof
  • Event (free or paid)
  • Low dollar offer

Examples of ads to Warm Audience

warm traffic

An ad from SLA for a Low Ticket Sales to a warm audience 

Give them the opportunity to communicate with you via webinar, post content that triggers engagement such as making inquiries, ask a question,s, etc., you understand the drill.

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These are people who have interacted with your business. They have purchased and use your product before therefore, there is a chance that they will buy from you again and again.

Your goal here is to remind them that you are still in business and get them to buy again. This time around, you run your core offer.

You can up-sell your other products, get them to upgrade their service, or send more projects your way. You target your hot traffic with retargeting ads and email marketing to create an email list.

Create more relevant content but this time around send them to your sales page,  landing page, product page, offer page, service page, and offer a discount.

Offers to Hot Traffic

  • High Dollar Offer
  • Activation
  • Paid events
  • Paid webinar
  • Done for you service

Ads Campaign

  • Conversion
  • Catalog sales (e-commerce store)
  • Store visit (Local store location)

Examples of Ads to Hot Traffic

hot traffic

UNICAF will convert more leads from their Hot Traffic

Another ad to Hot Traffic

hot traffic

This is a high dollar sale ad to Hot Traffic

Remember your goal to your cool traffic is not to sell to them but to indoctrinate them to your brand using quality content and build a relationship with them before selling to them.

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