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As technology advances, online applications are becoming more sophisticated , with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality being used to enhance user experience

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Our specializations

Marex Venture help business design and implement custom online applications for their specific business needs. We typically offer the following solution:

Need Assessment & Recommendation

We assess client’s needs and make recommendations for online application that fit their needs, while taking into account factors such as cost, features, and integration capabilities

Configuration & Customization

We setup and configure client chosen applications to fit the our client’s workflow and business processes, that includes customizing the interface, integrating with other systems, creating custom dashboard and setting up accounts


We help clients integrate their chosen applications with other systems and tools to ensure seamless workflow and efficient business processes.

Training & Support

We provides training and support to clients to ensure they are able to effectively use the applications and maximize their benefit.

Ongoing Maintenance & Update

We provides ongoing maintenance and updates for the applications to ensure they continue to function optimally and stay current with new features and changes in technology

Virtual Assistant

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Our Portfolio

We offers a wide range of services related to the creation and implementation of online applications. With a focus on providing high-quality and efficient services, our goal is to help businesses streamline their processes and succeed in the digital world. View our portfolios:

Satisfied clients


Sim Mayor Consulting

"The team at Marex Venture was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They helped us set up our website  quickly and seamlessly, and provided excellent ongoing support."


Ella Accounting

"Working with Marex Venture was an absolute pleasure. They were able to help us streamline our operations and improve our online presence, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction."


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